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Gassi Boxing Club

Brooklyn, New York

Get to know Boxing in Brooklyn.

Specializing in boxing-based personal training in Brooklyn since 2013, Paul teaches the science of boxing through his signature high-speed mitt work, versatile heavy bag combinations, and slick defensive movements that give you the fighter's body and

get you in fighting shape.

His personal training program incorporates workouts that not only build boxing conditioning but also focus on total body strength, agility, and aesthetics for rapid fat loss and peak overall performance. Regardless of fitness level or experience, Paul can design the perfect training program to help you reach your vision with precision.

To achieve your goal, it's all about commitment from day one. For Paul, it's about being there for you, helping you achieve your goal while becoming the best version of yourself.

Boxing Training

Whether you're new to boxing or a professional fighter looking to achieve peak fitness, Paul's boxing training will not only push you to your limits but also help sharpen the inner fighter within you.

Paul's signature high-speed mitt work not only develops quick hands but also sharpens your mind while maintaining solid boxing form and fast footwork.

Personal Training

Personal training with Paul prioritizes creating a customized approach to each client's goals, focusing on developing lean muscle and balanced strength while burning fat. This is achieved through a variety of total body strength and toning exercises suitable for every experience level.

Whether incorporating weights, resistance bands, core exercises, or cardio drills, Paul's training ensures your body gains the versatility it needs to achieve the desired results.


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